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What aspects should be paid attention to in the production of food packaging film?

For many years, people have been fighting bacteria, especially in food storage and packaging. For example, raw meat has no environmental protection and protection measures, and the shelf life will not exceed 28 days, while the freshness is only guaranteed for 5-7 days. High-barrier stretch film is often used in food packaging. What aspects should be paid attention to in the production of this packaging film?

Market demand for single-material plastic packaging may reach US$71 billion in 2025

Smithers recently released a special research report "The future of the single-material plastic packaging film market in 2025" pointed out that its market size in 2019 was 20.44 million tons (55.9 billion US dollars), and it may increase to 26.03 million tons ( 70.9 billion US dollars) in 2025. ).

PET protective film_packaging printing alias film heat-resistant pvc film

The characteristics of PET protective film manufacturers are strong material, good scratch resistance, long use time, and not easy to turn yellow like PVC materials. However, the general PET protective film is electrostatically adsorbed, which is easy to foam and fall, but even if it falls, it can be washed several times with cold water. The price of PET protective film packaging and printing is much higher than that of PVC. When many famous foreign brands of mobile phones are in the factory, they are arbitrarily equipped with PET maintenance paper, using PET material to protect the paper, making the quality and packaging more beautiful. There are maintenance stickers customized for the models of hot-buy mobile phones, which can be applied immediately without cutting.
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