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  • Vacuum Package Material

    Structure: PA/PE, PA/EVOH/PE; Conventional specifications: 70/95/125um Application features: By adding barrier materials PA, EVOH, it has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, gas barrier, etc., which is beneficial to avoid product deterioration and extend product shelf life .

  • Forming Package Material

    Structure: PA/PE (PP), PA/EVOH/PE (PP); conventional specifications: 140/180/200um; application characteristics: made by down-blowing water cooling process, with excellent airtight barrier performance, can be very good Satisfy the content's quality preservation, oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, puncture resistance, high temperature sterilization resistance, and film surface curling resistance. It has good heat sealing strength and hot adhesion effect, ensuring that the package will not be broken after sterilization, and the film surface has high transparency , High-gloss film appearance, can be used for printing and visualization effect, can meet the requirements of high-speed automatic packaging vacuum continuous automatic packaging machine, saving labor in the packaging process.

  • Air Cushion Package Material

    Structure: PE/PA/PE; Conventional specifications: 45/50/60um; Application features: The fullness of the air column is increased by nylon raw materials, which is not easy to break, and it can better protect the contents from damage in the logistics transfer. It is widely used in glass Packaging of products, toner cartridges, fruits, etc.

  • Pe Base Package Material

    Structure: PE/PE/PE; conventional specifications: 60/70/80um; application characteristics: formulate formulas based on various characteristics of PE materials, and package different products through composite printing and packaging with other substrates such as PET and aluminum foil. It can be used for low temperature Composite mask bag, toothpaste film sheet, BIB bag, etc.



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