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The national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" proposes that by 2015, my country will establish a new material industry system with a certain degree of independent innovation capability, a large scale, and complete industrial supporting facilities, and make breakthroughs in building a number of key materials and technologies that are urgently needed by the country and lead future development. , To cultivate a number of backbone enterprises with strong innovation ability and core competitiveness, and form a number of new materials industry bases with reasonable layout, distinctive features and industrial clusters. The new materials will further enhance the driving effect of the adjustment and upgrading of the materials industry. By 2020, a new material industry system with strong independent innovation capabilities and sustainable development capabilities, and a close integration of production, education, research and application will be established. The new materials industry will become the leading industry of the national economy, and the main varieties can meet the needs of the national economy and national defense construction. , Some new materials have reached the world's advanced level, and significant results have been achieved in the upgrading of the materials industry, and the strategic transformation from a major material country to a material power country has been initially realized.

In 2006, the group company responded to the national "Twelfth Five-Year" new material industry planning requirements, invested 200 million yuan, covering an area of ​​more than 120 acres, and officially registered and established Shanghai Tangke, a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. New Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in customizing various green, healthy and safe functional packaging films for customers. The first phase of the project was officially completed and put into production in 2011. The company has introduced advanced automated production equipment from around the world, such as the German W&H blown film assembly line. The single assembly line has a production capacity of 4000 tons/year, a product thickness of 15-300μm, and a width of 250-2200mm. The product specifications and performance have reached the industry level. Advanced level. In addition, the company actively implements the path of industrialization development, forming a series of supporting industries such as blown film-slitting-bag making, providing domestic and foreign customers with more comprehensive products and services, and gradually realizing high-tech, large-scale, and industrialized high-tech Business model. As a new high-tech enterprise, Shanghai Tangke, in order to achieve faster, more stable and high-speed development and achieve long-term development goals, in addition to attaching importance to technology investment, it also attaches importance to talent development. Since its establishment, the company has actively introduced professional and technical talents in the industry, continuously strengthened the training and construction of internal talent echelon, and increased investment in talent training. Only one year after its establishment, the company has been in technology research and development, process operations, quality management, and management. A stable, efficient and active talent team is gradually formed in other aspects, which has laid a solid talent foundation for the company's subsequent rapid development.


Aspiration should be high. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "concise, efficient, high-end, and taste", backed by strong economic strength, and excellent scientific research management talents as the core. At the same time, relying on the unique geographical advantages of Hangzhou Bay and the Yangtze River Delta, it has increased its scientific research and technology. , Product quality, production capacity, talent building, etc., "challenge the limit, pursue excellence", center in Shanghai, radiate the whole of China, gradually improve the strength and status of the company in the industry, and strive to make the company's business operations become the world's most advanced Modern high-tech enterprise.

The Pursuit Of Excellence

The company advances with the times, the company creates value with its customers, and the company develops with its employees.

Boutique Quality

Committed to product and service innovation, and enhance core competitiveness with innovation;

Safe And Reliable

Safety is the life of an enterprise, and quality is the source of benefits. Advocate and carry forward the spirit of innovation, and continue to grow.

Innovation And Development

Seek survival, dedication, love and share the destiny with the company; seek development, forge ahead and create a new situation for the enterprise.




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